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The main objective of the “Central Selection of Books Scheme” is to support the State Central Libraries, District Libraries and such other public libraries as may be decided by the Foundation from time to time with suitable reading material in English and Hindi that are not ordinarily procured by such libraries. The Scheme will aim to get the best books selected out of the large number of books published in the country, keeping the objectives of the Foundation in mind, and most importantly the requirements of Indian public libraries and of the Indian public library users. It is also important to keep the reformist ideals of Raja Rammohun Roy in mind at every stage in the book selection cycle.
For selecting books under the scheme, a Book Selection Committee would be constituted by the Chairman consisting of such number of members not exceeding 9 as he may deem proper.
The Chairman of the Foundation or his nominee will chair the Book Selection Committee.
The Chairman may constitute one or two sub-committees for making preliminary selection of books.
The sub-committees and the Book Selection Committee will meet as often as may be necessary.
In case of difference of opinion in the Book Selection Committee the Chairman would decide the matter.
Selection will normally be restricted to books published within the past two years, e.g. in the year 2016 books published prior to 2014 will not be considered. However, in case of classics or books of exceptional merit this provision may be relaxed. In such cases it is mandatory to obtain approval from 4 members of the Book Selection Committee.
Ordinarily selection will be restricted to books published in India. However, exceptions to this could be made in the case of award-winning or exceptionally reviewed books written by Indian authors and published outside India. In such cases it is mandatory to obtain approval from 4 members of the Book Selection Committee.
In the case of general books, books costing not more than Rs. 1,000, after allowing the graded discount only will be selected. In case of reference books the ceiling will be Rs. 1,500, after allowing the graded discount. Exceptions to this will be made only if 4 members of the Book Selection Committee approve such an exception.
Multi-volume reference books, consisting of more than two volumes, will be selected in exceptional cases only, that too with the approval of the Chairman of the Book Selection Committee on the recommendation of 4 members of the Book Selection Committee. Such sets of books will be supplied to State Central Libraries and other libraries of repute approved by the Foundation.
Books written, edited or published by the members or officials connected with the Foundation will not be selected during their tenure. However, exceptions to this can be made if the book in question is the product of an event or activity in which the Foundation was substantially associated or if the book in question is published by a not-for-profit-organization or a government organization (Central or State), where a member of the Foundation is associated with the publication.
No member of the Book Selection Committee shall participate in the discussion while considering a book in which he is associated with the publication.
To facilitate selection of good books and to ensure such books are not missed out, the Foundation will request publishers enlisted in the Foundation’s database, to submit their latest catalogues. In addition, the Foundation will also through its website invite publishers to submit their catalogues. Submission of books in physical form is the normal way.
The Book Selection Committee reserves the right to select or to reject any book without assigning any reason, and also to ban a publisher from participating in the Scheme for violating any of the set norms or for indulging in dubious practices.
The Foundation will encourage the members of the Foundation to visit book exhibitions held in their respective States or regions and recommend books for the consideration of the Book Selection Committee.
Ordinarily not more than 25 books of a private publisher, 30 books of Trust/ N.G.O.s and 50 books of Government/ semi Government publisher shall be accepted at any time for consideration in one meeting.
Ordinarily a book not selected in one Book Selection Committee meeting will not be considered in any subsequent meeting. However, exceptions can be made if such exceptions are approved by a minimum 4 members of the Book Selection Committee.
Ordinarily reprints of books will not be considered. However, exceptions will be made in the case of classics and heavily used books. In such cases it shall be necessarily to obtain approval from 4 members of the Book Selection Committee.
Specimen copies of the selected books will be retained and kept for future reference by the Foundation. Publishers may collect the non-selected books from the Foundation within 30 days from the publication of the final selected list.
The foundation may donate the non- selected books if not collected by the publisher, within the period specified in Para 18 above to suitable public libraries or other libraries.
While most of the books selected under the Scheme will fall under one or the other of the following subject categories, books belonging to subject categories not listed below too will be selected if found suitable:
Competitive Exam Guide, Career Guide, General Knowledge
Science, Technology, Computer, Medicine, Agriculture, Environment, Health , Library Science etc.
General & Reference including Biographies, Directories, Yearbooks, Dictionaries, Reports, Text Books, Atlas , Encyclopaedia , Almanac, Manuals etc.
History, Geography, Travel, Tourism, Politics, Sociology, Gender Studies etc.
Art, Culture, Language, Literature
Games and Sports
Children literature
Economics, Business studies, Industry, Management, Trade & Commerce, Law.
Religion, Philosophy, Yoga, Art of Living , Astrology, Vaastu, Life Style, Motivation/Inspiration, Psychology, Counselling etc.
North Eastern India.
While purchasing books under the Scheme, the Foundation will follow the graded discount structure given below. Such rates will be communicated to the publishers while seeking specimen copies:
No of Copies Discount Rate
01-100 30%
101-500 35%
501 & above 40%
Administrative procedures
A book which does not bear ISBN will not be considered for selection.
A book which does not contain the title of the Book as the Folio heading inside the book will not be considered for selection.

Books submitted by such person only will be considered who submits

(a) an attested copy of PAN

(b) and a declaration that one copy of the book has been sent to each of the 4 libraries designated by the law.

A PAN will be valid for only one person who submits the books.
Generally payments for the books purchased will be made through Electronic transfer e-g RTGS etc.
Books that are exorbitantly priced (keeping in view the number of pages, cost of paper, printing and binding etc.) may not be considered.)
Every book should contain a brief introduction of the author at a suitable place along with his address, phone number and email-id if any.
In case of books published by an organization which runs on donations of individuals or which does not run for profit e.g. Ramakrishna Mission, ISCON, Gita Press, Chinmay Mission etc the Chairman may be order exempt the organizations from the graded discount mentioned in Para 21 above. Such organization would be entitled to be paid the printed price without any deduction on any account.
Books costing Rs. 1000/- or Rs. 1500/- as are mentioned in Para 8 above and multivolume books mentioned in Para 9 will be supplied to such libraries are included in the list of libraries selected by the Chairman.

The Foundation will develop and maintain comprehensive databases of publishers of books in English and Hindi, with all necessary and up to date details, including contact details. Copies of these lists will be made available to members of the Book Selection Committee.

Publishers’ catalogues will be arranged alphabetically by the names of publishers and made available to the members of the Book Selection Committee.

Specimen copies of books received by the Foundation will be arranged subject- wise broadly to facilitate easy and helpful access to the members of the Sub-committees as well as the Book Selection Committee.

The Foundation will scrutinize the selected books to ensure that the selections are as per the Schemes. In case they find any discrepancy, such books will be kept aside and submitted to the Chairman for necessary orders.

If the total cost of the books selected by the Book Selection Committee goes beyond the budget available with the Foundation the Chairman may delete some titles or may call a special meeting of the Book Selection Committee to undertake the pruning of the list and to bring the total cost within the limits.

The Foundation will make every effort to place orders for books at least twice in a financial year.

Lists of the books finally selected will be prepared separately for books in English and in Hindi, arranged publisher- wise with details such as author, title, year, price, number of copies recommended for ordering etc. This list will be circulated among the members of the Book Selection Committee.

At the time of submission of Books, Publishers should submit an undertaking to the effect that none of the titles is reprinted or violates any copyright and that each one has a genuine and true ISBN.

The Foundation may engage the services of contractual staff to undertake the additional workload such as data entry operation and cataloguing, as a result of the new process and procedure outlined in the new Scheme.

After selection process is over a list of the titles of the selected books will be displayed in the website of the Foundation, till a fresh selection is made.

RRRLF will enter the ISBN while preparing the list of books submitted for selection. This will ensure that the same title is not placed for consideration more than once.

RRRLF will try to inform the author by email or otherwise that his book has been selected.

      Note: The Central Selection Scheme 2016 shall come into operation from 01st April 2016 and shall apply to all books that would be submitted on or after 1st March, 2016.
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