Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation
Ministry of Culture, Government of India
List of Journals subscribed by the RRRLF
Sl No. Name of The Journal Frequency Name of The Publisher Collection of the library
1. American Society for Information Science Journal Bi-M John Wiley & Sons, N.Y. Vol.40, 1989 To Vol.43, 1992
2. Annals of Library Science and Documentation Quarterly National Institute of Science Communication and Information Research Centre (CSIR),New Delhi Vol.27, 1980 To till date
3. ASLIB Proceedings Monthly Association for Information Management, England Vol.41,1989 To till date
4. Audiovisual Librarian [Re-named: Multimedia information and Technology] Quarterly Multimedia Information and Technology, Ceredigion Vol.15, 1989 To till date
5. Book Review Index Quarterly Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, New Delhi Vol. 1, 2001 To till date
6. Canadian Library Journal Bi-M Canadian Library Assocn. Ottawa Vol. 46, 1989 To Vol. 49, 1992
7. Cataloguing and Classification Quarterly Quarterly The Haworth Press, N.Y. Vol.10, 1989 To till date
8. CLIS Observer Quarterly CLIS,New Delhi Vol. 1, 1984 To till date
9. Current Awareness Bulletin [Re-named: Current Awareness Abstracts] Monthly Association for Information Management, England Vol. 6, 1989 To till date
10. Current Research in Library and Information Science Quarterly The Library Association Publishing Ltd., London Vol. 7, 1989 To Vol.17, 2000
11. DESIDOC Bulletin Bi-M DESIDOC, Delhi Vol.17, 1997 To till date
12. FID News Bulletin Monthly International Federation for Documentation, Netherlands Vol.39, 1989 To Vol.48, 1998
13. Granthagar(Bengali) Monthly Bengal Library Association, Kolkata Vol.46, 1996 To till date
14. Granthana Half Yearly Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation, Kolkata Vol. 1, 1990, To till date
15. Herald of Library Science Quarterly Prof. P.N. Kaula, Lucknow, India Vol.20, 1981 To till date
16. IASLIC Bulletin Quarterly IASLIC, Kolkata Vol.26, 1981 To till date
17. IFLA Journal Quarterly IFLA, Netherlands Vol. 7, 1981 To till date
18. ILA Bulletin Quarterly Indian Library Association, Delhi Vol.17, 1981 To till date
19. Indian Library Science Abstracts Quarterly IASLIC, Kolkata Vol.14, 1980 To till date
20. Information Development Quarterly Mansell Publishing Limited, England Vol. 5, 1989 To Vol.12, 1996
21. Information Processing and Management Bi-M Pergamon Press N.Y. Vol.25, 1989 To Vol.27, 1991
22. Information Research Watch Bi-M Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, U.K. 2000 To till date
23. Information Science Abstracts Monthly American Society for Information Sc. N.Y. Vol.24, 1989 To Till date
24. Information Sciences 6 in a year (with 2 volumes) Elsevier Science, N.Y. Vol.48, 1989 To Vol.60, 1992
25. International Forum on Information and Documentation Quarterly International Federation for Documentation, Netherlands Vol.14, 1989 To Vol.23, 1998
26. International Information Communication and Education Half yearly Prof. P.N. Kaula, Lucknow, India Vol.1, 1982 To till date
27. Journal of Cultural Action Irregular Centre for Communication and Cultural Action, Kolkata Vol. 1, 2002 To till date
28. Journal of Documentation Quarterly Association for Information Management, England Vol.45, 1989 To till date
29. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science Quarterly Library Assocn. Publishing Ltd., London Vol.21,1989 To till date
30. Journal of Library and Information Science Half yearly Prof. P.B. Mangla, Delhi Vol.6,1981 To Vol.15, 1990
31. Kelpro Bulletin Half yearly Kerala Library Association, Thiruvananthapuram Vol. 1, 1997 To till date
32. Libraries and Culture Quarterly University of Texas Press, Austin Vol.24, 1989 To till date
33. Library Acquisition: Practice & Theory [Re-named Library Collection Acquisition & Technical Services] Quarterly Pergamon Press, N.Y. Vol.13, 1989 To till date.
34. Library and Information Abstracts (LISA) Monthly Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, USA 1989 To till date
35. Library Herald Quarterly Delhi Library Association, Delhi Vol.18, 1979 To till date
36. Library Literature Bi-M The H.W. Wilson Company, N.Y. 1989 To till date
37. Library Trends Quarterly University of Illinois Press, Champaign Vol.38,1989 To till date
38. Libri Quarterly Munksgard International Publishers Ltd., Denmark Vol.39, 1989 To till date
39. Naya Ganodaya (Hindi language) Monthly Bharatiya Jnanpith, New Delhi Vol.26, 2005 onwards
40. New Zealand Libraries Quarterly New Zealand Library, New Zealand Vol.46, 1991 To Vol.47, 1994
41. Program Automated Library and Information Systems Quarterly Association for Information Management, England Vol.23, 1989 To till date
42. Public Libraries Bi-M Public Library Association, C/o. American Library Association, Chicago Vol.28, 1989 To Vol.31, 1992
43. Public Library Journal Bi-M Central Library, College Green, Bristol Vol. 4, 1989 To till date
44. Public Library Quarterly Quarterly Haworth Press, N.Y. Vol. 9, 1989 To till date
45. Resource Sharing and Information Net works Bi-Annual Haworth Press, N.Y. Vol. 5, 1989 To till date
46. Sandhan Half yearly Centre for Studies in Civilization, New Delhi Vol. 3, 2003 To till date
47. Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly Quarterly SPLQ, Progek, Sweden Vol.24, 1991 To till date
48. Serial Librarian Quarterly Haworth Press, N.Y. Vol.17,1989 To till date
49. The Australian Library Journal Quarterly Australian Library and Information Association, Australia Vol.40, 1991 To till date
50. The International Information and Library Review Quarterly Academic Press London Vol.21, 1989 To till date
51. Third World Libraries Bi-Annual Rosary College Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Illinois Vol. 1, 1990 To till date
52. U.S. Library of Congress Cataloguing Service Bulletin Quarterly US Lib.of Congres Processing Services, Washington Vol.43, 1989 To Vol.74, 1996