Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation
Ministry of Culture, Government of India
  Skill Development Programme (SDP) for Public Librarians  
  To improve the skill of the working Public Librarians Training Modules are proposed to be developed.  
  These are to be organized at three levels:  
  Level 1: Public library of the future, strategic planning workshop, aimed at the senior officers dealing with state level public library policy and administrative matters. It is expected that 2 or 3 officials from each state will participate in this programme.  
  Level 2: Hands-on practical training focusing on ICT skills, administrative and management skills, aimed at the middle level staff in the state central libraries, district libraries and large city libraries. This hands-on training will be delivered in modules and will be held in each State.  
  Level 3: Training on day-to-day routines of the library, aimed at staff who interact with library users and visitors and who are responsible for the upkeep of the libraries. This will be held in different parts of each State and will be conducted by local resource persons in local language.  
  The First Level 1 Training Programme was organised during 23-26 November, 2011 at DELNET, New Delhi, in which 38 participants from 18 States / UTs participated.
The Second Level 1 Training Programme was organised during 30-31 January, 2012 at DR. MCR HRD Institute Hyderabad, in which 39 participants from 20 States / UTs participated.