Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation
Ministry of Culture, Government of India
  State Library Planning Committee  

At the instance of the Foundation, every State/U.T. has set up State Library Planning or State Library Committee

The SLCs will particularly decide:

  1. The number and categories of libraries for assistance under different schemes, mode of preparation of consolidated list(s) of books for different categories of libraries.
  2. Promotion of purchase of books to be selected under different subject headings.
  3. Collection of books through advertisement of physical verification and other related matters.
  4. Setting up of a committee or sub-committee for book selection, if considered necessary.
  1. The SLCs will approve list(s) of books and the list of libraries at the second meeting. The mode of purchase, rate of discount and distribution of books will also be decided at this stage taking into consideration the guidelines of the Foundation in this regard.

  2. Selection of books and libraries shall be the responsibility of the State Library Committee and no prior approval of the Foundation will be necessary provided the cost of books selected and proposed to be acquired for the libraries remains within the limit of funds approved by the Foundation.

  3. The convener or any other authorised officer of the State Govt. shall place orders for the purchase of books specifically mentioning that the orders are placed on behalf of the Foundation. Moreover, in the said order the Convener should indicate that the bill is to be raised in the name of the RRRLF Kolkata.

  4. The Convener of SLC shall forward the following documents to the Foundation:

            a) Copy(s) of the Minutes of SLC

            b) List of selected libraries together with full postal address under the seal and signature of the convener.

            c) Copy(s) of the valid order placed on the supplier(s).

            d) Certified bill(s) or bill with acknowledgements

            e) List of selected titles duly signed on each page by the convener with office seal.


Matching Scheme

The Foundation operates five nos of schemes for which grant is given to the libraries recommended by the convener of SLC of each state / U.T. administrations. Only such libraries can derive financial assistance under this matching programme of the Foundation which observe the following criteria and procedures.

Type of Institution

Assistance under matching scheme is given from the matching fund to public libraries run or aided by the state govt. / U.T. administrations, local bodies, Local Library Authorities or registered voluntary organisations. In order to be eligible for assistance of the schemes of the Foundation, a non-govt. institution should be a registered society / Trust with the following characteristics :

  1. It should have adquate facilities, resources, personal etc. to run the library
  2. Its working should have been found satisfactory by the state govt./U.T. administration.
  3. It is not run for profit to any individual or body of individuals and
  4. The library should be open to all without discrimination.

Procedure of Submission of Application

The Foundation will not entertain applications directly from any library/organisation. The application in the prescribed form, complete in all respect, together with relevant documents will be received through Convener of SLC of the respective state with their recommendations.

Rules of the schemes, specimen copy of prescribed form will be made available from the office of the Convener of the SLC/DLO/Secretary, Zilla Grandhalaya Samstha/ Zonal Offices of Foundation.