Director General

Director General is the Chief Executive of the Foundation. Director General performs specific powers delegated to him by the Memorandum of Association and Rules, Service Regulations and other rules applicable to the Foundation, general supervisory powers as Head of the Department. He is to function as the Member-Secretary of different Committees constituted by the Foundation. The programme for growth and development of the organisation with expanded activities during each Plan period is formulated by the Director General with the approval of the Foundation.

System Manager

Deputy Director (Administration and Accounts)

Deputy Director (Administration and Accounts) will exercise powers of the Head of Office as specified in the Service Regulations of the Foundation; performs duties as over all in-charge of the Administration and Accounts Sections, including supervision of Zonal Offices; co-ordinates works of the office particularly in the field of general administration, finance, accounts, audit, budget etc.; assists in organizing meetings, seminars, conveners' conference and the preparation of Agenda notes and Minutes etc.; implementation of some schemes; keeps watch on the progress of receipts and disbursement of fund; corresponds with publishers, Ministry officials/different authorities for returns; responsible for maintenance of stores, electrical equipments; annual maintenance contracts etc.; to report to the Director General.

Deputy Director (Implementation, Inspection & Monitoring)

Deputy Director (Implementation, Inspection and Monitoring) will function as second Liasion Officer of the Foundation with the State Govts.; looks after State Library Committee (SLC) matters; performs the duties as Supervisory Officer of the Implementation and Inspection and Monitoring Sections in implementing various schemes of the Foundation; conduct inspection with the help of four Field Officers of the grantee institutions; monitors assistance rendered under various schemes; supervises the activities of five Field Officers at five different zones of the country and takes up follow-up action on inspection reports furnished by Field Officers; collects requisite information from the State Governments regarding libraries and library services in the states; performs public relation activities with various organizations and individuals; assists Accounts Officer in the preparation of accounts and budget of the Foundation; to report to the Director General.

Assistant Director (Implementation)

Responsible for general supervision of the works of the Implementation Section; looks after implementation of proposals received under various matching and non-matching schemes from different State Govts. and U.T. Administrations; processing of various proposals, including book assistance in regional languages for nearly 8000 libraries; collection of Statistics pertaining to library services in the States and providing feed back to the monitoring Unit of the Foundation to facilitate inspection of libraries assisted by the Foundation; persuasion of progress of utilization of grants and utilization certificates thereof from various libraries; to report to the Deputy Director (Implementation, Inspection and Monitoring).

Assistant Director (Research & Computer)

To supervise the works of the Research Section of the Foundation; reviewing of books received from various publishers, authors, distributors for consideration under the Central Purchase Scheme of the Foundation; collection and compilation of book review; publication of Foundation's Journal - Granthana, Annual Report, Newsletters, other periodicals, brochures, publication relation activities; preparation of subject bibliography and index; organization and development of Special Library collection; documentation and computerization; processing of research projects; to report to the System Manager.

Accounts Officer

General supervision of works of the Accounts Section; to look into general accounts, maintenance of accounts, preparation of statewise accounts of contributions received from the States and assistance rendered; drawing and disbursement of fund, supervision of cash and accounts, preparation of budget bank accounts, scrutiny and payment of bills of suppliers, medical bills, bills for advance TA etc., and establishment accounts pertaining to PF, Gratuity, Pension and allied matters, LTC, encashment of leave etc., and preparation of Annual Accounts of the office; to report to Deputy Director (Administration and Accounts)

Section Officer

Field Officer

To look after the works of the Zonal Office; public relation activities with the respective State Governments of the zone and with the professional organizations and groups for development of public library services; to advise libraries in toning-up professional work; to draw inspection plan for the respective zone so as to cover inspection of 10% of the libraries assisted in a year; to conduct inspection of libraries, preparation of inspection reports; to supervise inspection of libraries, Library Data Collection & updation of Library Directory , Write-up for News Letter and other works of the Field Assistant of the respective zone; to initiate follow-up action on inspection reports regarding utilisation of grants, to draw quarterly summary of inspection reports and other Activities of the Zonal Office; to undertake any other work of the Zonal Office as & when required. To report duty to the Deputy Director ( I,I &M).


System Design, Development and Programming, System Administration, Database Administration, Network operation & Management. Installation, Implementation and Maintenance of Softwares and Hardwares. Overall supervision of works related to Installation, Operation and Maintenance of the Computer System and EDP works of the Foundation. Assistance and Training to users in day-to-day computer related jobs. Management of Data in a Client/Server Computer System. General supervision of works of the Computer Section; to report to the System Manager

Statistical Officer

Responsible for keeping all relevant Statistics pertaining to the activities of the Foundation, Administration and management of data pertaining to such Statistics in a computerized environment; responsibility for such statistics referred above will encompass both historical and trend data from the inception of the Foundation - such data to be systematically arranged and maintained in the Computer System for online query; overall supervision over areas relating to questionnaire design, collection, compilation, analysis of data collected from various sources. These sources may be external (survey, correspondence etc.) or internal (sectional data spread over Library, Implementation, Field Wing, Accounts, Administration etc.); periodic reports on Statistical Profile of Foundation activities in respect of schemes under operation; to report to System Manager.

Assistant Library & Information Officer

All professional work - classifying, cataloguing and accessioning of new books, re-cataloguing of old books, correcting proofs for printed catalogue, processing cases of request for donation/gift of books to organizations/libraries, reference services to users and visitors, to deal with readers, library science students from different universities requiring consultation at the Special Library of the Foundation. Correspondence with publishers/agencies supplying journals (foreign journals) and computer application for library work; to report to the System Manager.


Responsible for maintenance of accounts, including books, registers, vouchers and other documents relating to all receipts and disbursement, statewise accounts and contribution of assistance, reports, return relating to Finance and Statistics, scrutiny and payment of bills for purchase under various schemes, salary bills etc., to prepare bank reconciliation statement ; to assist for the preparation of Annual Accounts; to act as a bridge between Accounts Section and Accounts Officer; to report to the Accounts Officer.

Data Processing Assistant

Responsible for Data Processing on Server-Client installation in the office; operation of server(s) and maintaining data links through LAN with the distributed Client stations in the office premises; maintaining Central Backup of all application software and Central Backup of all Master and transaction data; analysis of Statistical outputs obtained and summaries performed for MIS and maintaining appropriate Data Flat Files and transferring these to the Computer Database system as appropriate formatted inputs; to report to Programmer.


Important correspondence with the Ministry/Government of India, voluntary organizations, VIPs authors/publishers etc. Vigilance cases and Returns. Matters relating to public grievances. Important general correspondence. Parliamentary questions, preparation, scrutiny, checking and submission of monthly salary bills, various bills in respect of advance, issue of salary certificate checking and processing of House Building Advance, maintenance of various registers, ledgers etc., and other administrative work. All works pertaining to the processing of proposals under various matching and non-matching schemes of the Foundation.

Field Assistant

To conduct inspection of libraries, preparation of inspection reports; Library Data Collection & updation of Library Directory , Collection of News items for RRRLF News Letter and preparation of Write-up for News Letter; Any other works as and when assigned. To report duty to the Field Officer of the respective Zone;

Hindi Translator

To look after all works connected with Hindi. Hindi correspondence and returns. Work connected with Hindi Training Classes. Translation work for English to Hindi and vice versa. Preparation of bilingual forms etc. Govt. Orders and Circulars regarding Hindi Teaching Scheme etc. Parliament question connected with Hindi, Issue of Office Order regarding grants of increments for passing Hindi Examination.

Stenographer (Senior)

Taking dictation from Officers, attending to Officer's telephone calls, maintaining visitors appointment diary, preparation of meeting materials, agenda papers, minutes etc.

Statistical Assistant

Responsible for collecting and collating Statistical Data pertaining to Public Libraries and Foundation Schemes. Maintaining appropriate Data Flat File and transferring them to the Computer Database system for purposes of analysis and final reports. Obtaining appropriate outputs from Computer System for purposes of analysis and final reports. Responsible for Data Input into developed Application System for specific jobs and checking veracity and accuracy of inputs and outputs.

Stenographer (Junior)

Upper Division Clerk

Correspondence, various returns, maintenance of service books, preparation of duty rosters, casual leave cases, preparation of rent tolls, allotment of Government accommodation, maintenance of building registers, recovery of electric charges and houses rent etc., medical examination and verification of character and antecedents of the members of the staff, indent, procurement and supply of stationery forms and binding materials, maintenance of stock account of forms, stationery, furniture, cataloguing and other stores, processing/scrutiny of various bills of the State Govts. and processing of proposals under various schemes and correspondence thereof, maintenance of cash book, accounts ledgers, personal ledgers, statistical abstract/details and other works pertaining to preparation of accounts.

Lower Division Clerk

Correspondence, various returns, maintenance of service books, preparation of duty rosters, casual leave cases, preparation of rent rolls, allotment of Government accommodation, maintenance of building registers, recovery of electric charges and houses rent etc., medical examination and verification of character of antecedents of the members of the staff, indent procurement and supply of stationery forms and binding materials, maintenance of stock account of forms, stationery, furniture cataloguing and other stores, scrutiny of various bills of the State Govts., preparation of vouchers, maintenance of incoming and outgoing diary, receipt and dispatch of letters, typing sectional diary and typing and maintenance of records.


Maintenance of Cash Book, Ledger, Stock Register (for consumable items), Coupon Books, Crockery Empty Containers, Dead Stock Register, Preparation of Register to show the details of eatable produced, Sales Register, Coupon Sale Register and General Duties.

Staff Car Driver

To perform the duties of the Driver.

Various group of MTS Posts

Physical Maintenance of records of the Section, upkeep of the Section Arranging records of the Section/Wing, Carrying of files & other official documents with-in the building, Photocopying, sending of FAX etc., Other non-clerical work in the Section/wing, Assisting in routine office work like dairy, dispatch etc., Delivering of dak (outside the building/campus), Dusting of furniture/ painting / watering/ gardening/ sweeping etc. inside the building and outside in the campus, Cleaning of building, fixtures etc. For Northern Zonal offices – cooking and serving of food materials to guest, washing of articles of crockery/ cutlery and other utensils while on use and after each meal, cleaning of pantry etc., and performing housekeeping job of the Guest House and duties of Chowkidar.

Canteen Attendant

Preparation of Tea/ Coffee and other edible items. Serving the edible items to the guests, clearing of pantry etc., sinks tables, chopping blocks, cutting boards, pantry slab, knives forts spoons etc., and all other utensils while in use and after each meal (2) collection of used crockery/ cutlery from dining tables, removal of left-over food from the plates, rinsing of crockery/ cutlery articles, cleaning of articles, used in cooking and dining tables, storage of articles in the selves for reserve. Any other works assigned by the superior authority.

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